Tuesday, August 24, 2010

It's all about You - Somto Okeke

Remove the rags of ignorance,                                                 
Put on the apparel of knowledge.

Turn off the light of stupidity,
And let the sun of wisdom shine down on you.

Do not wear the shoe size of stagnation,
Let your foot wear have the spirit of motion.

Do not look at the clock of the past,
Let your watch be tuned to the present,
And repair it if it doesn’t extend to tomorrow.

Let your eyes become the eye,
Not staring at the world,
But focusing at your world.

Do not talk if you are not sure,
For all talk but not all speak,
For all hear but not all listen.

As you wake up every morning,
And you realize you are still breathing,
And you do not know what to do,
Ask yourself, would I rather be dead or alive?
If it is the latter good for you.
If it is the former, see a pastor!

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  2. Can it be good for me while I still need to see a pastor at the same time?