Saturday, July 31, 2010

Trance-Script (Part 1)

D lemoney freshness of green tea sipped thru his lips,

warm cosy blanket caressing his skin,

cool harmattan whispering thru the blinds,

opera lady's voice compensating the rhythm.

He gently blinked and sipped again,

without the teeniest care in the world,

it felt like nirvana...

Alas! a great silence befell the room,

the lady gone mute, tea running cold,

all the darkness could mutter was PHCN.

but would this mark the end of this peaceful bliss...?

Arose he did,

heart tempo increased,

iced tea wasn't an option,

neither was hushing the lady any better.

He reached for his torch,

hit the switch,

but before he could twitch,

something strange had ensued.

What was this madness...?,

was his sight playing games

or his mind he could no longer tame.

A sudden luster permeated the room,

the opera lady's vocals slowly fading in...

(to be continued in Trance Script - Part 2........Coming Soon...)

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