Thursday, September 30, 2010

Faces of Leaders - Somto Okeke

A man wearing a pair of shades told me I should follow him,

Like a dream, I stood beside him,

But alas,

I was not the only one.

When I get there you would know ‘He Said’

We walked and the sun stalked,

We thirsted and our throats twisted,

We limped and our feet tripped,

The tree branches had no mercy,

And our feet kicking the mud, leaving no tracing,

We hungered and wondered,

Will this ever come to an end?

And on the brink of surrender,

Some screamed form behind,

‘Where are you taking me to?’

‘Where are you taking us to?’

And he turned and said,

‘I do not know’ and he removed his glasses,

And behold he was blind!


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