Tuesday, September 14, 2010

LOVE by Somto Okeke

Can I have something I cannot define?
So dynamic, it cannot be confined.
So short in letters yet can choke,
So tiny that gives men stroke,
So complicated yet makes me fly,
So high, further than the sky.
Very light to say out,
Very easy to scream out,
People drink it and are drowned,
Some swim in it and get drunk.

I stroll down the lane,
Perceiving the air so full of scent,
From flowers that suffer no pain.
I see the birds on high,
And I give out a silent sigh,
As they flap their wings,
And dance around in rings.

The cold breeze makes me chill,
The gravel makes me trip,
The sand, there to catch,
Ready to stretch to my length,
The grasses so tender,
Waiting to render,
Their leaves despite my gender.

Before I hit,
I see the hands ready to grab,
On my feet, I see the face of the one I love,
I look upwards,
And I see a finger,
Holding the one, I love to me,
I look upwards and I see the face of the one who loves you.



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