Friday, February 25, 2011

Stormy Night

My heart state...heavy,
the weary loads...many,
trying hard to be good,
to the needy I gave food.

I'm stuck at crossroads,
Lord, on life's boat I row.

Now comes the storm on a cold windy night,
over-awing my little self, burden's never light,
rowing and paddling with all my might,
On a cold stormy windy black night.

Sobbing and crying and wailing like a child,
every passing second only got wild,
then I gave in to the wicked empty sea,
Do what you must...and please do it fast!

Just when I thought all hope was lost,
on life's stormy windy sea, forgot,
came a soft gentle voice amidst my thoughts,
saying with ease, "I won't mess with your will",
...all I'm saying is Peace Be Still."

Friday, February 4, 2011

Letter to Mojisola by Oluwaseun Ogundolapo

So on one of my quick sojourns through the most famous blue and white webpage (Facebook), I stumbled on this beautiful piece which I promised was going to be shared with you all today with the permission of the author.
Please sit back, sip some juice and enjoy!...*wink*

Hello my beautiful baby,
I’m writing to let you know what will definitely be
I know it’s hard for you to leave the position you’re holding up there
But you need to know that I really need you down here

I’ve waited so long for us to meet
And each day goes by with increased heartbeat
I just can’t wait for us to walk hand in hand
I hope you will understand

Allow me the pleasure of bringing you down to earth
Allow me the privilege of bringing you close to my heart
Allow me to take you through the path no one will
Allow me to show I care when you tell me how you feel

I want to cuddle you round my arms
Protect you against any harm
I want to have you feel the warmth of my embrace
And always bring smiles to your face

Imagine you and I sitting alone in the garden
Wearing my Versace and you wearing your Pierre Cardin
Imagine us having fun
With cups of ice cream and a bowl of pop corn

You are my treasure and my pride
And I know you’ll make a beautiful bride
Mojisola, my lovely angel
I will always be with you, even when you go through hell

Picture me by your side when you go to bed
Picture me by your side when you want to wed
Picture me wiping the tears from your eye
Picture me walking you down the aisle

I wish I could continue on things we could do together
I wish I could let you know that above you I’ll place no other
I know you have no idea who is writing you, my pretty lady
Well, my name is Oluwaseun and I’m your daddy.

Dedicated to Mojisola Ogundolapo: My unborn daughter

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Always for you!

Dedicated to all my readers...

I pick my pen but it just won't flow,
I try to think but I just don't know,
One thing's certain...its in me,
all of a sudden, starts fading slowly.

Fading or gone?...can never tell,
Or could it be some sort of spell?
Please flow!...eager to tell them something,
Increase! Inspire! for wisdom, they'll be hunting

Through the issues of life Rewriting their scripts,
Good People, great nation...couple of others I skipped
be impervious to the lyrics, open to the message
freeing your mind, like a bird out'a the cage

Delivering fresh as He inspires with all decency.
I will always keep writing for you all...@ moi frequency

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