Friday, June 15, 2012


We will light the candles this time
in memory of our fallen heroes
no play of words as we express our grief
once again we mourn silently.

The morning we woke up to a northern blast
thinking how long would this last
in the evening we would regret so fast
what remains of the labours of heroes past?

light the candles from east to west
hold your peace from north to south
remains of our pride we defend in a continual quest
no tears, no fears, deep silence cries out

green white green flown at half-mast
the news we watched in utter shock and awe
events unfolding as confusion loomed
what still remains of the labours of heroes past?

loving memories of one-five-three
we reminisce each moment of time thus spent
living and loving like today was the last
for what we do in life echoes in eternity

One more time we will light the candles
this time we would hold our heads high
one last time, we will rise in honour
In loving memories of one-five-three

One, depicting the way our motherland should be
Five, representing the grace our Father thus gives
Three, the day in June that shook us to our knees
One-Five-Three, may their gentle souls rest in peace.