Monday, October 3, 2011


An Independence Day collabo by Shai, Somto & Mikesfrequency (me) 

My name is North
Often misunderstood, but not a nut
Royally born, I strut flaunting my glittering crest,
Hence, my name I believe comes first.

Stand aside brothers! Be in my way and I have no choice
But to come at you with my brute force
Why I ask, do you connive so?
You whom I have loved dearly so

My steps I have since re-traced
Back to ways nearly effaced
Let it be known, this is my new creed
Your turn to make a choice or bleed

East, West and South my brethren
Always cuddling to that felon called master
Forgetting we took a solemn oath together
My hands touching the totem first
Here you are treating me poorly, while we tear at each other
Born and bred by the same mother
I wonder if either you East, South or West do remember..

I am the West
And I have known you from birth
But, how did we come to this pass?
Where we set out to maim and cause each other death?

From birth I knew you
Remember we gathered and sang an anthem?
Pledging each other love and oneness
Our lips now fill with sourness.

Our hearts turn to hatred
And our pride still we hold sacred
Even if tattered and much battered
I wonder if you know what I do in my head.

I am East and I know what you do in your head.
I can feel all the negative tension from your end
For a sin they say we are soaked in.
A sin no one sees but everyone believes in.

We live together; even the houses don’t mind our differences.
So why is our friendship choked by our tribal influences?
Why can’t I see you and call you ‘Nwannem’?
Why do I look at you and spit out the words ‘enyim’?

Same color, same likes, same dance, same beat
Same sound as the mortar and the pestle meet
Yet we struggle with not just the north,
Now we battle even within the same hut.

My clock is ticking
When will East meet West?
And the battle feet come to a rest?
When will the east meet the South
And the gun fire is less than a sound?
When will the east meet North?
And we all gather for a palm wine shot?
I am the South

Hold it North! Tread softly on my grounds
Your lust has gone beyond bounds
East stay away from my toil
West, don’t dare touch my oil.

We are children of the night
War songs under the moonlight
Darting suspicious eyes, each tribe apart
Once upon a time, we were many voices with one heart

Labours of our heroes forgotten fast
A lost cliché in some memory past
We’re one lasting choice from together
Our hearts beating in unison forever
Moving beyond nomenclature, no criteria
No East, West, South or North, just one Nigeria!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Truly Love

You give as you can afford,
I smile when I can,
We pay our taxes,
they obey the rules.

What exactly is this thing?
so small yet humbles the mighty,
so great yet touches even the smallest of things,
and so vague, you just forgot the meaning.

Is it hugging that loved one,
or missing a lost relative?
Is it forgiving a grudge,
or kissing an old friend?

I ask myself and I ask you too,
so complex you almost forgot its letters,
so simple it's true meaning eludes your conscious,
what exactly is this thing?

Love is patient but he has to shut her up this time
Love is kind but the dirty beggar shouldn't have touched my hand
Love is not boastful but she's way below his league
Love overlooks wrongs but this one is exceptional

I could tell you I knew all about love and you'd criticize
I could tell you I knew nothing bout it and you'd condescend
What truly is Love?

I tell you a truth that's hard to break,
Love is trying to be like a man you never saw.
Love is that same man choosing to die for someone he hasn't even met - you.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Complete the Poem Competition

So this was inspired by a post I saw on the Toolsman's blog and I decided to introduce it as the basis for the Blog Anniversary Give-Away.

These are the rules:
  1. You must be a follower on the Homepage
  2. Compose your own 4-verse stanza in-line with the theme of the 2 stanzas of the poem below.(Only one stanza allowed per person). i.e. only 4 lines of poem allowed per individual.
  3. Drop your composed poem in the comments below
  4. Spread the word. Winners will get an ordered copy of any of Myne Whitman's book listed below + A free exclusive Blog Design for a Non-blogger.
  5. One of the books to be won are 'A Heart To Mend' or 'A Love Rekindled', both by Myne Whitman
Now here are my 2 stanzas...

Our heart in His hand, a fragile glass
His voice in your heart, an echoing verse
My thought in His head, a strange puzzle
the discernment of our minds, a constant tussle.

we are victors of war, never fought
reverie of ideas, never bought
we've dreamt enough, time's up
time for swift action, waking up
(Continue in the comments section, one stanza per person) Have fun!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Romance Instructor by Oluwaseun Ogundolapo

This is a beautiful rendition by a talented word artist...Only @ moi frequency *wink*
(Feel free to leave your comments below)

I looked into her eyes and she looked into mine
She asked what was wrong, I said I was fine
With her two hands she brought me to a stand
What happened after wasn’t what I planned

I found myself in her arms
It looked as if I was caught by her charms
She held me tight and wasn’t going to let go
At that moment she forgot what was called ego

She felt my heart beating very fast
Like I was in a stage play, being the only cast
Suddenly, I noticed her mouth on my lips
And slowly she held my hands and placed it on her hips

Jesus I called but he didn't respond
And then I began to wonder if I was ever warned
The temple of the holy spirit was about to crash
But I was incapacitated to do a dash

My temperature started rising,
But to her, it wasn’t surprising,
She started kissing me like the world was going to end
I tried understanding why, but I couldn’t comprehend

Some milliseconds later everything started going wrong
As she began to sing a strange song,
At that point, I thought; I needed a doctor
And she suddenly became a romance instructor

"Don’t kiss me slowly, it’s my taboo"
"Hold me tight, feel my tattoo"
"Don’t touch me there, touch me here"
I started getting pissed, to be sincere.

I began resisting,
She continued persisting,
I was losing the battle against her wish,
My conscience was calling, but I was out of reach.

"God, let this cup pass over me please"
That was my prayer when she asked for another kiss
But this time, I was in total control of myself
She got angry and pushed me towards the shelf

I won the battle after all
I finally answered my conscience’s call
Those minutes with the romance instructor were really tough
But thank God, I knew when to say "I’ve had enough"

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Space by Somto S. Okeke

This is not the hole in my mind
Or the distance in my steps.
It has nothing to do with the gap in my thoughts,
Or the galaxies in their orbits.


I am not talking about the pressing of bodies in the mall,
Or the sharing of smell in the elevator.
I sit in the bus, nodding my head to the beat of the music,
While my feet is disrespecting the floor.
I put my hand by the corner of the broken window,
And the old woman beside me looks at me like an intruder.
She just doesn’t get it; she wasn’t created to be alone
She wasn’t created to have her space, for her space is my space.

No need to ask  God for proof,
For the proof is right in front of us.
The air you inhaled is the one I exhaled,
The money you gave the alaye is the one he gave me as change,
And the thief you chased away is the one that robbed my aboki,
 You passed your exams, and I got the injection,
You failed your exams and the pothole burst my tyre.

‘You are invading my space’ I say to you
‘So why are you on my road?’ You ask me
It is a waste of time to fight for space,
For we have created everything that invades space,
And when God created Adam, HE always comes for a-visiting
The only thing spacious about space is the space they taught us in computer school.

There is nothing called space for we are in each other's face.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

April Breeze

A short piece with a deep message...

Its a tale of never-ending words

Simple yet subtle, piercing as a sword
Twilight moon breeze escorts the setting sun
I'll never grow weary of telling till the early morn
Lords and Ladies, Masters and Minions
Lessons of love humble their millions

Looming vagueness lingering on hope
Onward marching with bloodshot eyes
Victors in perseverance, head held high
Each one bearing unique signs of pain...

Understand their freedom to let go, yet love again.

Dedicated to you. Happy birthday.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Ticking Away

Tick tock...think and talk,
all the hours round the clock,
up the hill and down the alley,
Born today, tomorrow we marry.

He crawled yesterday...walked today,
she's born today...tomorrow dying,
tick tock...think and talk
will you tomorrow tick with the clock?

Every heartbeat, another deficit,
to and fro the's deceit,
tick tock...think and talk,
the blooming flower was once a stalk.

I love you today, not sure of tomorrow,
greatest paradox like joyful sorrow,
tick tock...think and talk,
let's all hope we keep ticking with the clock!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Stormy Night

My heart state...heavy,
the weary loads...many,
trying hard to be good,
to the needy I gave food.

I'm stuck at crossroads,
Lord, on life's boat I row.

Now comes the storm on a cold windy night,
over-awing my little self, burden's never light,
rowing and paddling with all my might,
On a cold stormy windy black night.

Sobbing and crying and wailing like a child,
every passing second only got wild,
then I gave in to the wicked empty sea,
Do what you must...and please do it fast!

Just when I thought all hope was lost,
on life's stormy windy sea, forgot,
came a soft gentle voice amidst my thoughts,
saying with ease, "I won't mess with your will",
...all I'm saying is Peace Be Still."

Friday, February 4, 2011

Letter to Mojisola by Oluwaseun Ogundolapo

So on one of my quick sojourns through the most famous blue and white webpage (Facebook), I stumbled on this beautiful piece which I promised was going to be shared with you all today with the permission of the author.
Please sit back, sip some juice and enjoy!...*wink*

Hello my beautiful baby,
I’m writing to let you know what will definitely be
I know it’s hard for you to leave the position you’re holding up there
But you need to know that I really need you down here

I’ve waited so long for us to meet
And each day goes by with increased heartbeat
I just can’t wait for us to walk hand in hand
I hope you will understand

Allow me the pleasure of bringing you down to earth
Allow me the privilege of bringing you close to my heart
Allow me to take you through the path no one will
Allow me to show I care when you tell me how you feel

I want to cuddle you round my arms
Protect you against any harm
I want to have you feel the warmth of my embrace
And always bring smiles to your face

Imagine you and I sitting alone in the garden
Wearing my Versace and you wearing your Pierre Cardin
Imagine us having fun
With cups of ice cream and a bowl of pop corn

You are my treasure and my pride
And I know you’ll make a beautiful bride
Mojisola, my lovely angel
I will always be with you, even when you go through hell

Picture me by your side when you go to bed
Picture me by your side when you want to wed
Picture me wiping the tears from your eye
Picture me walking you down the aisle

I wish I could continue on things we could do together
I wish I could let you know that above you I’ll place no other
I know you have no idea who is writing you, my pretty lady
Well, my name is Oluwaseun and I’m your daddy.

Dedicated to Mojisola Ogundolapo: My unborn daughter

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Always for you!

Dedicated to all my readers...

I pick my pen but it just won't flow,
I try to think but I just don't know,
One thing's certain...its in me,
all of a sudden, starts fading slowly.

Fading or gone?...can never tell,
Or could it be some sort of spell?
Please flow!...eager to tell them something,
Increase! Inspire! for wisdom, they'll be hunting

Through the issues of life Rewriting their scripts,
Good People, great nation...couple of others I skipped
be impervious to the lyrics, open to the message
freeing your mind, like a bird out'a the cage

Delivering fresh as He inspires with all decency.
I will always keep writing for you all...@ moi frequency

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