Sunday, April 1, 2012

Tribute to Femi Ademiju.

I remember your smile the last time we saw,

so humble it beamed, covering every flaw.

Your warm heart and demeanor I admired in secret,

in a world of sorrow, your joy expression would defeat.

many said you were hardworking, to that I concur,

the days and nights of endless toil, never would it occur,

that I'd wake one morn to hear that you're gone,

"Never", I'd say, "Never!"... my heart with grief torn.

The journey of life we know is one long bumpy one,

at certain stops will some alight, never to go on.

Death they say puts life in perspective,

moments of our lives we recount, assuming the retrospective.

One day for sure we'd be clothed in shiny robes,

ambience of peaceful worship, descent of white doves.

I'll scold you and embrace you and ask why you didn't tell us,

But for now with a heavy heart I say ... "Rest In Peace Femi".

Rest In Perfect Peace.


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