Monday, September 16, 2013

Spark | Energy | Fire!

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Well this is a short piece I did for a corporate (official) event but I didn't get to read it due to time constraints. it is for your enjoyment... :)

Spark, Energy and Fire met for a drink
To discuss and catch up on trivial things
Who in his wildest thought would ever think
that they all came from the same family tree

Image Source

I'm the invisible painting on the empty canvass,
the future you saw this morning in bed
I'm the wonderful mix of ideas trapped in your head
the beautiful scribble of the curious toddler

Nurture my spark cuz I'm volatile
I am Imagination

I'm the explosive colours in the artist's mind
unscripted rhythm of a dancer's movement
Locked within every man searching to find
I'm the wisdom of years captured in a moment.

I give energy to the spark in you.
I am Creativity.

Let me feel your spark
Unleash your energy
Like a walk in the park,
Will be our synergy

Let your passion burn
with the world in ovation
Because an idea is born
Call me Innovation!


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