Thursday, September 1, 2011

Truly Love

You give as you can afford,
I smile when I can,
We pay our taxes,
they obey the rules.

What exactly is this thing?
so small yet humbles the mighty,
so great yet touches even the smallest of things,
and so vague, you just forgot the meaning.

Is it hugging that loved one,
or missing a lost relative?
Is it forgiving a grudge,
or kissing an old friend?

I ask myself and I ask you too,
so complex you almost forgot its letters,
so simple it's true meaning eludes your conscious,
what exactly is this thing?

Love is patient but he has to shut her up this time
Love is kind but the dirty beggar shouldn't have touched my hand
Love is not boastful but she's way below his league
Love overlooks wrongs but this one is exceptional

I could tell you I knew all about love and you'd criticize
I could tell you I knew nothing bout it and you'd condescend
What truly is Love?

I tell you a truth that's hard to break,
Love is trying to be like a man you never saw.
Love is that same man choosing to die for someone he hasn't even met - you.


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