Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Complete the Poem Competition

So this was inspired by a post I saw on the Toolsman's blog and I decided to introduce it as the basis for the Blog Anniversary Give-Away.

These are the rules:

  1. You must be a follower on the Homepage
  2. Compose your own 4-verse stanza in-line with the theme of the 2 stanzas of the poem below.(Only one stanza allowed per person). i.e. only 4 lines of poem allowed per individual.
  3. Drop your composed poem in the comments below
  4. Spread the word. Winners will get an ordered copy of any of Myne Whitman's book listed below + A free exclusive Blog Design for a Non-blogger.
  5. One of the books to be won are 'A Heart To Mend' or 'A Love Rekindled', both by Myne Whitman
Now here are my 2 stanzas...

Our heart in His hand, a fragile glass
His voice in your heart, an echoing verse
My thought in His head, a strange puzzle
the discernment of our minds, a constant tussle.

we are victors of war, never fought
reverie of ideas, never bought
we've dreamt enough, time's up
time for swift action, waking up
(Continue in the comments section, one stanza per person) Have fun!


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