Thursday, May 17, 2012

Our Conductor

What makes me tick?
out of what would I pick
What makes me sick?
like gum would the thoughts stick

Strings of the heart, a tune of broken chords,
Searching for a song among broken records,
rising symphony of the wind's harsh wheezing
falling hopes of the audience increasing

We sat and watched at the empty conductor's stand
wondering if he respected our time or even his band
we predicted who he'd be, well, at least a touch of class
our conductor we had never seen, as time did pass

Suddenly! Lights flash, still hall, a great presence
Faint sounds of the cello welcomed Him with reverence
three sessions and three later, the tunes began to make sense
"You have my mind and I live in you", thats all he said hence

Not all in the hall enjoyed the nice chimes
Not all were in the hall in those beautiful times
just like His tales of many centuries foretold
to be like him seemed like an ambition hard to withhold

Two milleniums later, I'm here in the same hall
Staring at the empty conductor's seat with same appaul
Suddenly! Lights flash and the I hear a still small voice,
"Don't wait for Him, He lives in you", with all clarity and poise  


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