Thursday, July 21, 2011

Romance Instructor by Oluwaseun Ogundolapo

This is a beautiful rendition by a talented word artist...Only @ moi frequency *wink*
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I looked into her eyes and she looked into mine
She asked what was wrong, I said I was fine
With her two hands she brought me to a stand
What happened after wasn’t what I planned

I found myself in her arms
It looked as if I was caught by her charms
She held me tight and wasn’t going to let go
At that moment she forgot what was called ego

She felt my heart beating very fast
Like I was in a stage play, being the only cast
Suddenly, I noticed her mouth on my lips
And slowly she held my hands and placed it on her hips

Jesus I called but he didn't respond
And then I began to wonder if I was ever warned
The temple of the holy spirit was about to crash
But I was incapacitated to do a dash

My temperature started rising,
But to her, it wasn’t surprising,
She started kissing me like the world was going to end
I tried understanding why, but I couldn’t comprehend

Some milliseconds later everything started going wrong
As she began to sing a strange song,
At that point, I thought; I needed a doctor
And she suddenly became a romance instructor

"Don’t kiss me slowly, it’s my taboo"
"Hold me tight, feel my tattoo"
"Don’t touch me there, touch me here"
I started getting pissed, to be sincere.

I began resisting,
She continued persisting,
I was losing the battle against her wish,
My conscience was calling, but I was out of reach.

"God, let this cup pass over me please"
That was my prayer when she asked for another kiss
But this time, I was in total control of myself
She got angry and pushed me towards the shelf

I won the battle after all
I finally answered my conscience’s call
Those minutes with the romance instructor were really tough
But thank God, I knew when to say "I’ve had enough"


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